Our Approach

Embedding purpose into a brand’s DNA.

What do you stand for? And how do you embody it across your organization, from product design and experiential marketing to employee engagement practices?

As the values and priorities of a rising generation shift toward health, transparency, authenticity and social purpose, successful brands like Patagonia, Nike and Chipotle understand the power of aligning their higher purpose with human aspiration.

It’s no longer about asking consumers to buy something. It’s about inspiring them to be something, helping them create their best selves and a better world for their children.

At BBMG, we partner with organizations large and small to embed purpose through a proprietary methodology called the Triple Value Proposition. Inspired by triple bottom line thinking, the “3VP” (as we call it) moves past “brand pyramids” by designing more relevant brands that unite practical, societal and tribal benefits.

Our approach is not only more holistic than conventional brand strategies, it provides a clear framework and actionable roadmap for authentically communicating your brand story and building mutual, honest and transparent relationships with your key audiences.



Our Capabilities

Designing what’s next.

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Clients turn to us to help drive growth, relevance and engagement. We find white space. We extend brand equities. We find new ways to drive shared value. We create new brands, products, services, experiences, platforms and actionable roadmaps.

We also design and host cross-functional innovation workshops (a lot of them), plus we do bespoke consumer insights, highly customized data mining and consumer segmentation analysis.

Here’s what we do really well:

  • Consumer Insights
  • Growth Strategy
  • Brand Positioning / Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design and Activation
  • Product, Process and Service Design
  • Marketing Communications
  • Employee Engagement

Integrated marketers, media agnostic, we work across a number of sectors: apparel, beauty, e-commerce, electronics, energy, food and beverage, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, media, retail and transportation.

Our Expertise

Engaging Aspirational Consumers where they live, work and play.

Since 2007, our robust consumer insights work has painted a clear picture of Aspirational Consumers, a powerful and fast-growing consumer segment representing more than 2 billion people worldwide. Our latest research report, released in Fall 2015, explores the needs, attitudes and behaviors of 21,500 consumers across 21 international markets and reveals key purchase drivers and barriers across multiple categories, including beauty/personal care, food/beverage and home/household.

Forty percent of United States adults are considered Aspirational Consumers, defined less by demographics than by shared values. Early adopters and “box turners” increasingly concerned with products’ impact on the planet and its people, these savvy shoppers are twice as likely to try new things, share their opinions online and reward (or punish) brands based on corporate practices.

“The harder we compete, the less differentiated we become. As brands sell on functional benefits (what the product is and does for me) and emotional benefits (how I want to feel in this occasion), category after category is being filled with nearly similar products. Large established brands are losing loyalty and market share to newer smaller brands that offer social and cultural benefits. It’s a billion dollar paradigm shift.”

Tom Laforge, Global Director, Human & Cultural Insights,
The Coca-Cola Company