Jess Pitera

Art Director, Green Thumb, Culinary Alchemist

Specializing in branding, design strategy, and concept development, Jess Pitera is passionate about helping pro-social brands succeed by increasing cultural relevance in a market undergoing constant change.

Over the last seven years, she’s lead development of creative solutions for global legacy brands, pioneering sustainable brands, non-profits, and mission-driven start-ups. Her recent clients include Planned Parenthood, NBCUniversal, Johnson & Johnson, New York Public Radio and prAna. She holds a B.A. in Graphic Design with a minor in Creative Writing.

Her design philosophy is simple; To be truly successful, good design must go beyond beauty to tell a story, evoke emotion and inspire action.

What role does curiosity play in your work?

I’m told my first words were, “What’s that?” What I wanted to do with my life growing up changed with the wind. But a common thread of creative problem-solving ran through all of them.

Did you grow up with an appreciation for the environment?

My small town upbringing, at the base of Pennsylvania’s Blue Mountains, instilled in me a deep sense of respect and appreciation for nature that I carry with me wherever I go. Not only does nature inspire my design, it inspires an inner purpose and interest in sustainable design.

How does that extend to a personal resourcefulness?

My mother was one of ten children born into a farm family where needs were many and funds were few. She passed on a mindset of reuse and repurpose to me, which I have further applied to living greener. With a wealth of extended family, recycling is more than paper and plastic, and passing on once-loved items is a common occurrence.

What are ideal clients?

I love working with people who willingly accept the creative process by being open and giving the freedom to explore the best option for the brand.