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Better By Design


Commercializing Brand Purpose for $1 Billion in Sales

Fueled by rising expectations among Millennial shoppers for purpose-driven brands and the imperative to design more relevant shopping experiences at retail, Target turned to BBMG to imagine the seamless integration of style, sustainability and social impact to drive growth for the business by delivering more value for guests, employees, partners and communities. As CMO Jeff Jones put it: “Now is the time to translate sustainability into a new, design-forward movement that helps us delight our customers and grow our business.”

To reveal the secrets of deeper brand affinity and next generation shopping behavior, we explored the needs, hopes and desires of Aspirational consumers across diverse communities, backgrounds and life stages and ultimately created the strategic vision and validated product, service and experience prototypes for helping Target make life “Better by Design.”

  • Research & Insights
  • Impact & Growth Strategy
  • Product & Service Innovation
  • Experiential Design
  • Employee Engagement

Making Retail More Meaningful

Through in-depth conversations, home visits and shopping afternoons with both committed Target fans and new prospects, we identified emerging trends, insights and opportunities to deliver more meaningfully on consumer aspirations for health, wealth, passion, purpose, style and social status through new products, services and retail experiences.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

We then designed and facilitated a series of planning and ideation workshops with the Target team to commercialize these opportunities for game-changing innovation.

Along the way, we were guided by a simple, yet profound design imperative: how might we make healthy living simple and affordable; design products with more value and less impact; and work together to make a difference in our communities?

A Purpose-Driven Design Ethos and Retail Experience

BBMG crafted the strategic vision for helping Target make life “Better by Design.” To make the vision a reality, we created seven platforms for innovation — four of which moved into the pipeline.

Target unveiled its “Better by Design” vision at the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) conference and then launched two successful programs building from BBMG’s insight and innovation platforms.

Products with Purpose

Under the heading “One for One, For All,” Target partnered with TOMS to launch a limited edition holiday collection featuring 50 fashionable items, each following the TOMS’ one-for-one giving model.

And the company also launched “Made to Matter,” a billion-dollar success story featuring 30+ better-for-you brands—Annie’s Homegrown, Clif Bar & Co. and method home, for example—selected by the Target team for the way they unite style and sustainability. “Made to Matter” brands delivered $1 billion in sales in 2015, and the products in the program saw 30% sales growth, 1.5 times the rate outside of Target.

  • “A mighty big and sincere thank you 
to the incredible BBMG team. 
We wouldn't be where we are today without your partnership and thought leadership. The resulting product is just so much better for having worked with you.”

    Kate Heiny, Director, Sustainability, Target