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Courage to Fight Gun Violence


The most recognized organization you’ve never heard of

In 2017, Americans for Responsible Solutions had a unique challenge. They were having more impact in the fight against gun violence, support was growing, and the election of Donald Trump had emboldened their allies to speak up. And yet, the organization was not widely recognized beyond the Washington DC Beltway. Most Americans could not recall the brand—despite the love and respect they held for its co-founders, former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and Navy combat veteran and retired NASA astronaut Captain Mark Kelly.

The team partnered with BBMG to reveal a brand idea and identity that matched the character, ambition and impact of their work. One that honored how and why they show up each and every day.

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Inspiration in Gabby Giffords’ story

The more we dug into conversations with staff, supporters and allies, the more Gabby’s inspirational story rose to the top. Having survived an assassination attempt in a deadly mass shooting, Gabby had rededicated her life of public service to fighting gun violence. Day after day, she was standing up to forces of fear who hoped in vain she would back away from the issue. Gabby’s story of courage was a source of inspiration for the organization already—the brand opportunity was to tell this story to the world.

It takes courage to find unity

As the brand story came into focus, we explored all the ways that Gabby—and the organization she represents—use courage to create change. On a partisan issue like gun violence, it was easy to see how: the courage to speak up, to take on bullies, and to not give up. But it was a different type of courage that revealed itself as core to the brand story: the courage to find unity. This simple idea elegantly articulated the approach Gabby and her team had taken since day one. Inspired by this truth, we developed a brand identity that marries courage with unity, and grounded it in a simple brand name that could tell the story in one word: Giffords.