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Be Unstoppable


Redefining the Future of Learning

Founded as a textbook publisher in 2007, Cengage was on a mission to challenge expectations in higher education and lead the industry through dynamic change. As the very nature of learning was being transformed by dramatic shifts in demographics, technology and the demands of a new economy, the company needed to deliver on a big pivot: “How might we shift our core business from textbook publisher to digital learning enhancer that delivers the most accessible, forward-thinking and impactful learning experiences in the world?”

Cengage partnered with BBMG to build a bold new brand strategy and creative design to reflect the company’s digital evolution, embody its innovative culture and deliver on its commitment to placing the learner above all.

  • Research & Insights
  • Brand Strategy
  • Copy & Art Direction
  • Tone, Voice & Messaging
  • Brand Identity & Guidelines
  • Employee Engagement

The 21st century student

We listened to students in their homes, schools and study spaces to reveal realities of their learning journeys and the role of education in their lives and future plans. We discovered that, in spite of the many barriers that might hold them back, Cengage learners have a fierce determination to succeed.

Be Unstoppable

To celebrate this audacious spirit, BBMG created a new brand strategy, story and experience that would inspire learners across every age and background to “Be Unstoppable.” Indeed, like no other company, Cengage is committed to being the brand for learners determined to rise to any challenge, break through any barrier and achieve their best.

Trailblazers Wanted

With the pivot to digital learning, it was time for Cengage to compete with the giants of silicon valley to attract the best talent to the company. To showcase and inspire the unique Cengage culture, we activated the brand for employees with the same bold, unstoppable attitude all focused on trailblazing the future, with learners at the center.

All-Access to All-You-Can-Learn

In the company’s most groundbreaking move yet, we collaborated yet again to launch Cengage Unlimited, a first of its kind subscription to offer students unlimited access to digital textbooks and course materials for one price, in one place. Cengage Unlimited has been hailed as the “Netflix of higher education.” BBMG’s work with Cengage helped spark the product innovation, and we had the opportunity to lead the naming and visual identity for this major product launch.

  • “We are thrilled with BBMG! The work that came out of this project was spectacular. I feel so great about the partnership. We’re rolling out the new brand to six offices across the country. People really get it and they’re embracing it!”

    Dan Sieger, Senior Vice President, Brand Strategy, Cengage