Making Sustainable Goods Sexy


When Rodale, Inc.—a media company widely considered to be the leading authority on healthy living (titles include Women’s Health, Men’s Health and Prevention)—decided to launch its first e-commerce platform, it turned to BBMG to create the brand positioning and related media strategy.


Style and sustainability don’t match. At least that’s the prevailing attitude. But we learned that the Rodale’s shopper cares deeply about how things are made, by whom and how it inspires her to live better. Bringing the new e-commerce site to life meant finding that harmonic between beautiful, high quality products and responsible sourcing.


“Hello, wonderful.” Our brand anthem became an invitation to discover what happens when inspired design meets healthy living. And our creative work—with its minimal palette, radiant glow from natural light and romantic type solution—showcased joyful moments of daily life that incorporated the site’s products. We delivered a full brand book, messaging platform and media strategy to help the Rodale’s team launch in record time.

“We (seriously) could not have done it without the BBMG team. Your creative guidance defined the Rodale’s brand message and marketing materials.”

Paul Shrynemakers, Associate Vice President, 
 Creative and Product Development, Rodale, Inc.