Branding the Car Sharing Revolution


“Can I borrow your car?” While most of us won’t hesitate to help a friend, what about letting complete strangers take our cherished vehicles on the road? Getaround, a new peer-to-peer car sharing service based in San Francisco, must convince car owners to rent their vehicles by the hour. BBMG set out to help Getaround jump-start the car sharing revolution.


There are 1 billion cars in the world, and most sit idle 22 hours a day. From Getaround’s early adopters—mostly Millennial men—we learned that car sharing is a practical yet purposeful lifestyle choice. By putting their cars to work, members earn thousands per year to help defray insurance and maintenance costs; more important, they feel part of a larger community doing good by taking cars off the road. To drive behavior change at scale we elevated this value proposition: make money and do good by making your car work for you.


Why sit idle when you can “Live Unidled”? Our brand strategy equates Getaround’s car sharing platform with real freedom: to earn more, enjoy more choices and seek more adventures while helping to cut traffic, pollution and waste. To support the new positioning, we refreshed the core identity, emboldened the color palette and elevated the brand’s irreverent yet positive voice with cheeky expressions like: “You should getaround more often.” Then we activated “Live Unidled” with an integrated print, digital and out-of-home campaign designed to reinforce how liberating and rewarding car sharing can be.


BBMG’s work positioned Getaround for steady market expansion—from San Francisco to Portland, Austin and San Diego. Our follow-up in-market launch campaign for Portland became a turnkey solution and proved that Millennials are the fastest-growing segment of the car sharing audience. The company closed an additional $24M in Series B funding from Cox Automotive in November 2014.

“BBMG navigated complex marketplace dynamics to reveal a core brand truth that has helped unlock our growth and shift consumer behavior on how we get around every day. Thank you, BBMG!”

Jessica Scorpio, Co-Founder, Marketing and Business Strategy, Getaround