Our Story

We are design thinkers committed to putting humanity in business.

Founded in 2003 by Raphael Bemporad and Mitch Baranowski, BBMG is on a mission to create brands of enduring value.

We believe the only way business can thrive in the long term is by placing humanity at its core. And when humanity drives business, retention is greater, morale is higher, growth is stronger, products are more meaningful and customers are happier.

Indeed, against the backdrop of today’s economic, cultural, technological and generational shifts, winning brands will unite aspiration, innovation and participation to drive sustainable growth, increased relevance and positive social impact.

That’s why our team of strategists, planners, designers and technologists combines their deep expertise with an unwavering commitment to helping clients win in authentic ways that unlock shared value.

We’re known for our expertise in the Aspirational Consumer. For our immersive style. For our communications savvy. For being highly conceptual yet grounded in the reality of what’s doable.

We are media agnostic. We work across industries. We scale quickly. We only take on projects that we believe will make a difference.

And we walk our talk. Based in New York, BBMG is proud to be a founding member of B Corporation, a group of values-driven companies committed to using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

Thanks for getting to know us. We’d like to meet you, too.


Our Values

We are at our best when we live our values.

Four core values drive everything we do at BBMG:

Humanity. We treasure humanity—the driving force behind our solutions, our approach, our partner relationships and in how we care for each other.

Creativity. We nurture the creativity of our people and inspire the creativity of our partners. It’s a way of being, not a process point.

Courage. We have the conviction to make brave calls, to take the road less traveled and to support our partners in doing the same.

Growth. We‘re committed to lifelong growth—of our people, our business and our partners.

Our Culture

Working to live. Saying “Yes, and…” Getting out and getting inspired in our hometown of Brooklyn.

In Good Company

We’re privileged to do this work with allies and advocates who share our values.