Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

We’ll happily put fees at risk for the right mission, vision and values.

Early Stage Brands

We work with a range of founders and venture capitalists intent on bringing values-driven brands to market. Our brand-building experience can drive exponential value. Focus areas include: Apparel, Beauty, Food & Beverage, Health & Wellness, Home/Household, Retail and Technology. Recent examples of early-stage partnerships include GetaroundGraindrops and Robocast.

Social Innovation

Given our deep roots in advocacy and not-for-profit work, we routinely support causes and social enterprises we believe in. We care about so many of the urgent issues today—water, waste, hunger, poverty, human rights, to name but a few—and we’re drawn to innovative models that have the power to disrupt and accelerate positive social impacts. Recent collaborations include: Madécasse Chocolate, Nuru Energy and Back to the Roots.

Digital Platforms

The screens keep multiplying. So do the messages. In this increasingly cluttered marketplace, we take pride in concepting apps, widgets, platforms and other digital products that help make it easier to do good and live well. The Collective is our proprietary engagement and innovation platform for connecting Aspirational Consumers with sustainable brands and related causes.