Nicole Pontes

Strategist, Freecycler, Wunderlister, Globetrotter

Nicole’s passion is helping brands solve challenges that lie at the intersection of sustainability and innovation. She enjoys asking the big questions: How does your brand help society? Why would we need you after an apocalypse? and helping brands confidently answer them through smart brand strategy and communications. Since joining BBMG she has helped answer these questions for clients such as Rainforest Alliance, Planned Parenthood, PepsiCo, prAna, IKEA, Virgin, and CaringKind.

Prior to joining BBMG, she worked at Havas Worldwide where she identified cultural trends to inform innovation pipelines, developed strategy for digital experiences and built narratives around sustainability accomplishments. She’s worked with clients such as Keurig Green Mountain, General Electric, and Colgate-Palmolive.

Nicole earned her Masters in Sustainability Management from Columbia University and a BA in Communications from the University of Pennsylvania.

Nicole and her fiance reside in the Berkeley Hills. When not solving brand challenges, you can find her hiking in the woods or experimenting in the garden.

Since you’ve moved to New York, you’ve become a bit obsessed with waste. Tell us more.

The infamous New York shoebox apartments and physicality of waste during garbage day has made me increasingly conscious of where things go after we’re done with them. Now I’m an avid Freecycler and catch myself thinking of ways to turn waste into food.                     

What’s one thing we’d never guess about you?

I can vote in three countries.

You love to travel. Do you have any travel rituals?

Yes! I have to call my parents before every flight, even if it’s the middle of the night for them. I also study city maps before traveling so I have a sense of direction when I get there, which is very helpful when navigating foreign public transportation.

Do you have a favorite gadget?

Less of a gadget and more of a digital tool—I could not live without Wunderlist. Lists get things done.

Describe what you do at work in one sentence.

I get to ask companies: “If there is an apocalypse in 2050, would your brand be in society’s survival kit?”