Liz Schroeter Courtney

Business Development Manager, DIY-er, Backyard Gardener

Liz is a born maker. Whether it’s crafting a four course dinner for a dozen people, digging up her entire yard to start a mini organic farm, launching a localvore hot dog food truck, or designing and writing a ‘zine about her favorite music, she’s always got some kind of project in motion. She brings this same DIY spirit to her career and has used it to create authentic consumer engagement programs where brands including Toyota and Saucony brought people together around shared passions like green design, music, and crafting. A really good day is one where Liz gets to build those connections for her clients and see the human impact that’s possible.

In her free time, she’s the digital marketing director for The Base Project, a socially-conscious fashion start-up and member of the Fair Trade Federation. That role has turned her into a huge champion for conscious consumerism and small business, which makes her so proud to have found a home at BBMG, a founding member of the B Corporations.

Prior to BBMG, Liz was an account executive at TracyLocke building retail marketing programs for Heineken, BJ’s Wholesale and Perfetti van Melle. She also has extensive social media, digital and experiential marketing experience working with brands including Target, Nestle, W Hotels, Neiman Marcus, and New York magazine. Liz has a BA in writing intensive English from Marquette University with communication design studies from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

Do you have any quirky hobbies or interests that have impacted your life or way of thinking?
I love to cook and believe that making food for people is a noble pursuit and a great way to build community. With that idea in mind, I launched a gourmet hot dog food truck in 2012 that ran on its own recycled french fry cooking oil. The food was great, but running a food truck in NYC is a nightmare and we quickly ran the business into the ground. It was my first truly significant failure and taught me a ton about the realities of entrepreneurship. The experience turned me into a champion for small, sustainable business now that I understand just how challenging it can be.

What kind of music do you listen to?
I love sloppy, heartfelt guitar solos by the likes of Neil Young, The Wedding Present and Yo La Tengo. Recently, however, I’ve been finally learning to love jazz.

What’s the most exciting thing about BBMG?
We have the opportunity to genuinely make a positive impact on the way brands treat the people with whom they do business. As corporations get bigger and more impersonal and more powerful, I’m super motivated to champion brands who are disrupting that trend and to engage with large corporations that are inspired to shift to a more human, more sustainable way of doing business.

What’s your morning routine? What is your evening routine?
I start every day by making a banana, blueberry, strawberry smoothie with Greek yogurt and green tea. I also endeavor to ride my bike to work every morning, though life or weather often get in the way. Every night when I go to bed, our cat Kate tucks us in by parading across the covers and then crawling under the duvet to purr for a few minutes while we drift off to sleep.

What is your family history?
My family came to America in the early 20th century from various parts of eastern Europe and settled in the Midwest to become engineers, Pillsbury bake-off-winning homemakers, and teachers. We all share a deep do-it-yourself ethic that has influenced my crafty and artistic side as well as my tendency to get in over my head with projects.