Kristin Power

Senior Designer, Surfer, Snowboarder, Early 90s Hip Hop Lover

At BBMG, Kristin brings ideas to life by creating visuals on the spot in workshops along with leading and contributing to a wide variety of print and digital design projects. Prior to BBMG, Kristin worked as a designer and illustrator at innovation consultancy WHATIF, where she collaborated with clients and consumers to create new brands, products and experiences across a wide range of industries. Recent clients include Johnson & Johnson, MillerCoors, Mondelez, HP, Unilever and Levi’s.

Is design thinking misunderstood?

A big misconception is that it’s a linear process that only designers can understand and use. I truly believe design thinking is a mindset that everyone is capable of adopting and applying to challenges personally and professionally. The benefit of being a designer is that the design process inherently puts design thinking into motion. What I appreciate most about design thinking in action is that it pushes individuals to actively let go and absorb their environments and interactions to better craft solutions that directly affect the end user or community. There are no silos in design thinking. It’s something we must practice together to make the world a better place.

How did you get into outdoor sports? And what role have they played in shaping your worldview?

Oceans and mountains were my playgrounds growing up surfing and snowboarding in New Jersey and Vermont. As I got older these sports opened up the world to me as I traveled far and wide to surf in Ecuador and across Central and South America. These trips reinforced my desire to help preserve and protect our beautiful planet full of amazing cultures and environments.

Power is a great family name.

Fun family fact is that there are three men named Will Power in my family including a Dr. Will Power, whose sister is named Joy Power. We are a family full of self-discipline and happiness!

We heard you have a cat with an Instagram account?!

I have two cats, Minnow and Mackerel. ‘Mac’ has his own instagram account dailymacattack. I’ve always had pets and love coming home to these happy little creatures everyday.

If you could only eat one thing for lunch for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I love massaman curry and order it once a week. I really need to take an Indian cooking class so I can learn more about the beautiful complexities that go into creating a curry.