Grant Griglak

Senior Strategist, Alpinist,
Motown Devotee

Grant is a problem-solver at heart. He has a passion for taking complex and inspiring inputs – such as cultural trends and consumer insights – and using them to create something real for brands aspiring to make a difference. Prior to joining BBMG, Grant led brand positioning engagements and new product development ideations as an Associate Consultant at GfK Strategic Innovation.

He has provided thoughtful branding solutions for a diverse group of clients across many markets. His past work includes projects for consumer packaged-goods brands such as Kellogg’s, Kraft and Kimberly-Clark; home durables, like Sherwin-Williams and Serta; and many others including Samsung and American Greetings. He has also worked on marketing communications projects at a number of nonprofits, such as Fuel Up to Play 60 and the World Wildlife Fund. Grant is a graduate of Boston University where he earned a BS in Communications.

What was your first branding assignment?

My first formal branding assignment was as an intern working on the first Earth Hour at World Wildlife Foundation Australia. We managed to convince countries around the world to turn off the lights on their most iconic landmarks for one night to raise awareness about climate change. It was a transformative learning experience and it changed my life for the better.

Do you have any quirky hobbies or interests that have impacted your life or way of thinking?

While it isn’t necessarily quirky, yoga has been a hobby that has taught me so many life lessons. Using yoga to learn how to breathe through discomfort and let go of expectations has helped me handle many challenging situations.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I’m open-minded, so I enjoy a lot of different music, but nothing beats Motown. Plus, just like Motown, I’m from Detroit and so it reminds me of home.

One thing about me people probably wouldn’t guess is:

I was the captain of my varsity ski team in high school. I used to be a pretty decent racer and I still love to get out to the slopes whenever I can.

What’s the most exciting thing about BBMG?

The most exciting thing is being given the opportunity to contribute to positive change in the world. It’s incredible to tackle the kinds of fun, engaging and dynamic branding and strategy challenges that organizations face in today’s changing society. By helping to direct them toward being catalysts for meaningful change and a brighter future, we can use our powers for good.