Devon Douglas Leahy

Strategy Director, Fire Starter, Globetrotter

Devon uses superior strategic and creative skills to guide an integrated team of strategists, planners and creatives through innovation and marketing challenges for clients such as, eBay, NBCUniversal and Target. Prior to BBMG, Devon worked as a senior manager of sustainability strategy at Walmart, where she spearheaded high-profile product and supply chain initiatives, played a key role in the development of an industry-changing product sustainability index and helped create national marketing programs. Her values-driven career has included time on Walmart’s marketing team and internships with Seventh Generation and the Environmental Law Institute. She earned an MBA and MS from The Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise at the University of Michigan and a BA in environmental policy and government from Colby College.


Biggest misconception about branding?

That it’s all about logos, icons, and taglines. Most people don’t even realize what a powerful role brands play in their daily lives.

Tell us about your family.

My parents met on a golf course 33 years ago and are still golfing to this day! I also have one sister who I am incredibly close with. She’s a talented creator of many things: sculpture, photography, paintings and, most importantly, laughter.

Do you have a taste for adventure?

One thing people probably wouldn’t guess about me is my crazy travel experiences. During high school I lived on a working fruit farm in the South of France. Later, I spent three months in a thatched-roof hut in rural Kenya, studying wildlife management. They were both incredible learning experiences.

What’s a travel ritual of yours?

I try to take a run in the first few hours after arriving in a new place. It is a great way to get oriented, see people, and spot places that you want to spend more time checking out.

In one sentence, what do you do all day?

I engage society in a vision for how to make the world a better place.