We build brands for humans

Relevant to a new generation. Resilient for a new world.

Our Approach

Hi! We’re friendly (ask anyone). We’re strategic creatives and creative strategists, culture experts, and design thinkers. We have a long history of building brands with purpose that are relevant to a new generation as well as resilient enough for the fast, transparent and volatile world we live in today. And that last part? It’s no time to be scared—it’s a time to be brave. Brands give us something to rally around. Brands can be a badge for the values we hold dear.

Humans deserve better brands, better organizations, deeper missions, deeper connections, more empathy, more wonder, and loads of honesty. Because when you get right down to it, humans don’t really need brands. Brands need humans. We help brands and organizations give themselves permission to engage in meaningful relationships with the humans they need most. It’s better for the long haul, it’s better for business, and it’s better for humans who we like very much.


Research & Insights
Brand Strategy
Brand Architecture
Impact & Growth Strategy
Content Strategy & Creation
Tone, Voice & Messaging

Brand Identity & Guidelines
Copy & Art Direction
Campaign Development
Brand Asset Design
Product and Service Innovation
Experiential Design
Employee Engagement

Raphael Bemporad
Founding Partner
Joseph Ingram
Senior Advisor
Bryan Miller
Finance Director
Allison Ross
Creative Director
Liz Courtney
Business Development
Briana Quindazzi
Strategy Director
Jess Pitera
Art Director
Grant Griglak
Senior Strategist
Nicole Pontes
Senior Strategist
Naomi Heckroth
Senior Strategist
Amanda Yogendran
Senior Strategist
Hannah Kochmann
Sophia Ingram
Amy Speck
Junior Strategist
Arvien Siswanto
Finance and Operations Associate
Minji Sung
Junior Designer

We are proud to be a founding
B Corp member.