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Adventure Everywhere


Live Fully. Play Long.

From its very first days in a Southern California garage, Prana was born with a vision to unite the yoga and climbing communities in a singular lifestyle brand that could outfit and inspire adventurous spirits everywhere.

When the company was acquired by Columbia Sportswear in 2014, the brand partnered with BBMG to meet a profound and exciting challenge: “How might we honor our authentic heritage and leverage our deeply-held values as we grow in the mainstream marketplace?”

Through in-depth consumer ethnographies and national survey research, BBMG revealed shared aspirations, passionate pursuits and a common desire for a brand that would enhance the style, performance and experience of all of life’s adventures—from an early morning yoga class to lunch-break surfing expeditions to spontaneous weekend hikes, rides and climbs.

  • Research & Insights
  • Brand Strategy
  • Tone, Voice & Messaging

Design that sets you free

Together, we re-imagined the very purpose of the brand—from “manufacturing apparel” to “setting the human spirit free”—and revealed an aspirational ethos that champions the limitless possibilities when we see, seek and share adventure everywhere.

Up for adventure

Like no other brand, Prana is for those adventurous souls who welcome the sunrise. Live in the moment. And are energized by the wild possibilities and unexpected opportunities in the everyday. Adventure is in their blood, and they love beautifully-designed, versatile and durable clothing that will stay with them from one adventure to the next.

  • “The single most important thing was when BBMG said they would do what it takes to get it right. Your commitment showed that you are a champion for your clients and not slaves to the process. That was really big for me.”

    Scott Kerslake, CEO, prAna