WTF is Going On With My Body? Planned Parenthood Has an App for That

Planned Parenthood Spot On Campaign

August 9, 2016

Planned Parenthood has just launched a new mobile app in an effort to reach people not just through health centers or on Capitol Hill, but in their homes and in their pockets.

Spot On is a period and birth control tracker app that empowers women with confidence, choice and control in realizing their full sexual and reproductive health. Planned Parenthood understands that your period is a normal — if not always welcome — part of life. Spot On makes it easier to understand your unique cycle so that you can rule it, instead of it ruling you. Already the app has been downloaded by over 100,000 people on iOs and Android devices.

Planned Parenthood Spot On Campaign


To launch the app, Planned Parenthood partnered with BBMG to create a campaign designed to reach digitally engaged people most in need of Planned Parenthood’s health services. From our research we learned these people are seeking two things: to bust through confusion around their reproductive health and shed anxiety through better preparedness. And we knew we’d need to reach them on their own emoji-speaking, digitally-savvy turf if we wanted to break through the clutter.

With those needs in mind, BBMG developed the “Follow Your Period” digital campaign to get Planned Parenthood’s 500,000+ followers to follow their periods and take control. Now people with periods can “follow” their menstrual cycle with the Spot On app as easily, seamlessly, and — if they so choose — obsessively as they already do with friends and celebrities on social media.

Planned Parenthood Spot On Campaign Poster


Planned Parenthood Spot On Campaign Animation


The launch campaign has gone live across social media channels and at Planned Parenthood health centers across the country. The app received extensive media coverage in publications including Teen Vogue, The Cut, and Glamour.

“Working with Planned Parenthood on Spot On has been exciting every step of the way,” says Sophia Ingram, a junior strategist at BBMG who was on the project team. “Not only is the personality of our campaign just plain fun but Spot On itself is an awesome app. No judgement, no BS, just insights. Plus, who wouldn’t want to help a badass feminist organization continue their 100 years of leadership by venturing into the digital space? I’m super proud of our partnership with Planned Parenthood and the finished results of our work.”

BBMG is thrilled to see Spot On’s success and for Planned Parenthood to grow its impact with young people via mobile and digital technology.

To follow your own period, or to learn more, visit

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