Brands for Humans: Five Imperatives

Raphael Bemporad Sustainable Brands

July 27, 2016

Like few times in our history, we are navigating a moment of profound cultural, political and economic transformation.

On one hand, we’ve seen nearly every nation on the planet come together behind new Sustainable Development Goals and an historic Climate Accord that offers a bold and inspiring vision for the promise and possibilities of business and society.

And at the same time, we’re experiencing devastating challenges driven by economic volatility, terrorism, mass migration, racial injustice and tectonic geopolitical shifts that are stretching the ability of traditional institutions, governments and markets to adapt, innovate and succeed.

In this context of dynamic change, it’s a moment to reflect on the role of businesses and brands in our society and define a vision and path to remain relevant in a new marketplace and resilient for a new world.

At BBMG, we believe part of the answer lies in creating Brands for Humans. It’s an approach that brings together the power of business with the meaning and influence of brands to design new systems and stories that shape our aspirations, behaviors and relationships for a more just and sustainable future.

In his article on Huffington Post’s business blog, inspired by his recent talk at Sustainable Brands San Diego, our founding partner Raphael Bemporad highlights Five Imperatives of Brands for Humans that we can act on together – as individuals, as businesses and as a society – to imagine, design and build a more resilient future. Click here to read more and find out about the brands who are leading, and succeeding, with humanity at the core of their business.

Is your business ready to design Brands for Humans? Contact us to talk about how we might work together to make it happen.

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