We build brands for humans

Joseph Ingram

Senior Advisor

“I turn up every day with the goal to help organizations better serve people and the planet. That means I’m always looking at something and asking myself, can I make this whole thing a bit better? Better for people means no bullshit, no spin. Doing business in a way that invites health, happiness and good stuff. Better for planet means asking how to leave a smaller footprint. It means being really conscious about every moment of consumption and asking if we need to use so much stuff.”

Joseph has a gift for empathy that makes him a unique asset to our team. He’s able to quickly see the why behind the what. He has worked on a crazy range of stuff – from heart medicines to classical music radio to scotch. (The scotch was really fun.) Joseph learned marketing at L’Oreal in the UK where they taught him a ton about how to make products people actually wanted. From there he worked at What If for six years as an innovation consultant. He got to go into some of the biggest and coolest companies in the world and help them figure out how to make better brands, better products and better teams. Before joining BBMG in 2015, Joseph was building advocacy campaigns at a company called Purpose. He learned how to get a campaign up on its feet and get millions of people to take action quickly. We’re grateful for his many superpowers.