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Bryan Miller

Finance Director

“Every day I’m surrounded by amazing designers and strategists who challenge the norms, who take things one step further by proving that doing the right thing is better for business and the world. I want to help nurture that platform and make it the new norm. When I see our team living our values—through policies, benefits, perks, and more—I know that all the hard work it takes to implement these changes and support our growth as a group has been more than worth it. We always lead with empathy, authenticity, and transparency in every interaction. It’s eye-opening the difference that makes.”

Bryan spent twelve years on Wall Street, from back office to front office, from legal to sales. Although it wouldn’t seem like a natural transition to this industry, it left him uniquely qualified to work in different currencies and countries across multiple products. He was continuously playing between theory, strategy, execution as well as the ever-present unknown. Needless to say, that all gave Bryan the ability to jump right into any situation we may find ourselves in at BBMG. Bryan does his very best to share his skills and learnings with the team. It allows us all to thrive.